Office 365

(Note: the process described below might be outdated, so please watch for changes)

To sign up for Microsoft Office 365 is an easy process.  You go to the Office 365 Charity Pricing page found at:

Sign up for a 30 Day Trial, complete the sign up process and during the 30 day trial period, you will be contacted by Microsoft and they will let you know if you qualify for the charity pricing.

During the Trial setup, you will be asked to provide your Conference EIN number (Not the one for GCFA), and the GCFA IRS 501(c)(3) documentation specific to your conference.

Once you are confirmed for Charity pricing, you then simply use the Admin tools and order as many paid or free licenses as you need and assign them to your users.

NOTE:  Both paid versions include 5 licenses PER USER to download and install the full, and always latest release, of Microsoft Office Professional Plus onto any 5 devices where that user wants to use a copy of Office Professional Plus.