Annual Meetings

UMITA meets annually to enhance and enable Information Technology usage among United Methodist Conferences and Agencies. The program varies from year to year but always strives to communicate, educate, and improve the technological connectedness of the United Methodist Church.

2023: Denver, Colorado (planned for September 19-22, 2023)

2022: Nashville, Tennessee (General Agency meetings and tours with GBOD, GBHEM, GCFA, UMCOM)

2019: Hershey, Pennsylvania (tour of the Susquehanna Conference, chocolate everywhere and anywhere)

2018: San Diego, California (Microsoft Azure, General Agencies, Computers 4 Kids)

2017: Denver Colorado (General Agencies, Power BI, Paperless Clergy Compensation, Digital Archives, Integration Accounting Systems, Denver Biz Tech Expo, and UMITACON)

2016: Orlando, Florida (General Agencies, EBridge, KnowBe4, Dell, IVCi, and Directions Training)

2015: Las Vegas, Nevada (CTIA, SuperNAP, and UMITACON)

2014: Nashville, Tennessee (General Agency meetings with GBHEM, GCFA, UMCOM)

2013: Indianapolis, Indiana (joint meeting with Treasurers / NAACT)

2012: Austin, TX (visited Dell in Round Rock)

2011: Chicago, IL (visited GBOPHB, CDW)

2010: San Francisco, CA (joint meeting with Communicators / UMAC)

2009: Norcross, GA (local church focus)

2008: Seattle, WA (visited IBM facility, vendor presentations)

2007: Boston, MA (Treasurers / NAACT)

2006: Las Vegas, NV (what happens in Vegas)

2005: Nashville, TN (Treasurers / NAACT, visited UMCOM)

2004: Fort Worth, TX (Treasurers / NAACT)

2003: Columbus, OH (Treasurers / NAACT)

2002: Washington, DC (Treasurers / NAACT)

2001: San Diego, CA (Treasurers / NAACT)

2000: Savannah, GA (Treasurers / NAACT)

1999: Albuquerque, NM (Treasurers / NAACT)

1998: Cleveland, OH (Treasurers / NAACT)

1997: Charleston, WV (Treasurers / NAACT)

1996: No Meeting

1995: Portland, OR (Treasurers / NAACT)

1994: Jackson, MS (Treasurers / NAACT)

1993: New Orleans, LA (Treasurers / NAACT)

1992: No Meeting

1991: Rapid City, SD (Treasurers / NAACT)

1990: Philadelphia, PA (Treasurers / NAACT)