These resources listed below are organizations that UMITA members have used and/or recommended. Some of these organizations may provide free or discounted software and hardware for United Methodist organizations. Also, included on this list are several United Methodist Services provided by the general church.

UM Shared Services
A central hub for services provided by GCFA. These services include Meeting Registration services, Statistics (EZRA), Hosted Financial Software for Annual Conferences (Microsoft GP), Online Donation Collection (VANCO), Online Apportionment Collection (Donor Direct) among other services.

A wordpress based church website hosting platform that provides easy to use and cost effective websites for UM Churches.

Techshop  offers a selection of charity priced and discounted software for churches from United Methodist Communications (UMCom). Product and Order information: 888.346.3862 All others: 615.742.5400 Order or products: Web Support: Magazine Subscriptions:

Google Apps for Non-Profits
Google offers United Methodist Affiliated organizations a free enterprise email system with up to 3000 accounts. This also include free streaming through YouTube and other Google services.

GCFA has worked out a solution to make Google Apps available to entities in the group ruling.  Please send your updated group ruling letter to and request directions for using Google Apps.  You will then receive an email giving you explicit directions on how to apply.

More Details:

CDW is a vendor that provides a full catalog of charity and discount priced software and hardware from almost any vendor. They have an extensive team of sales and support staff that can answer any technical questions you may have. You will need a user account to view discounted pricing when browsing the site. Call toll free 877.811.5749

Dell has teamed up with United Methodist Churches “to ensure that UMC affiliates receive the best proving on all products from Dell.” Dell provides heavily discounted hardware and services and can provide software, though it is not their specialty. Contact Dell by phone or email

Consistent Computer Bargains
Consistent Computer Bargains is a vendor that provides a well-rounded catalog of charity and discount-priced software and hardware from almost any vendor. They seem to be particularly geared to church and ministry sales. Contact Consistent Computer Bargains by phone or email

Eligibility Announcement
Techsoup is a clearinghouse for software and service donations from many major technology companies. For a low price processing charge or in some cases free, you can receive donations for your organization. There are restrictions and lots of fine print, but Microsoft is one of the major companies that donates their software for prices that are much lower than the already reduced charity pricing while also including software assurance.

Apple provides the Western North Carolina Conference and its churches with a 5% discount for equipment and software purchased by the church, for church use. If you are interested, please contact your local store, to set up a business account and arrange for your discount. Find your local Apple store at

Verizon Wireless
Verizon Wireless offers non-profits a quasi-governmental contract called WSCA that provides discounted service. Some conferences have reported Hotspots with Unlimited Data for $40/month, and Smartphone Plans with Pooled minutes, unlimited text, and unlimited data for $60/month.